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Midnight Run picture

Jack Walsh: Here come two words for you: shut the fuck up.

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Willow picture

Willow: What are you doing?
Madmartigan: I found some blackroot. She loves it.
Willow: Blackroot? I am the father of two children and you never, ever give a baby blackroot.
Madmartigan: Well my mother raised us on blackroot. It's good for you. Puts hair on your chest. Doesn't it, Sticks?
Willow: Her name is not Sticks. She's Elora Danan, the future empress of Tir Asleen and the last thing she's gonna want is a hairy chest.

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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen picture

Baron Munchausen: Everyone who had a talent for it lived happily ever after.

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Vibes picture

Nick Deezy: I like to breathe, I'm good at it.

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The Land Before Time picture

Narrator: Littlefoot had been wrong about the Sharptooth, but the others followed him. They're only hope was to reach the Great Valley, and Littlefoot alone knew the way.

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Garfield: His 9 Lives picture

Amenhotep III: Oooh, shucks! I don't see any surprise around here! Oooooh, sometimes that Blackbart makes me so maaaaaad.

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The Incredible Hulk Returns picture

Donald Blake: You are David Banner, aren't you? If you're not, I'll just apologize profusely and get out of here. I just couldn't let you zap yourself with that thing until I was sure.
Doctor David Banner: Who are you?
Donald Blake: You had a beard the last time I knew you. Harvard, ten years ago? You were the guest genius at the time, the resident Merlin and me, I was... I was in trouble a lot.
Doctor David Banner: Blake? Donald Blake?
Donald Blake: The one and only.

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Space Mutiny picture

Kalgan: It was cruel fate to be born in space, but I have vowed we will not die here. It is my destiny to set my feet upon a real world to accumulate wealth and power beyond our wildest dreams. I have offered the people of the Southern Sun a rich, new life, and now they have no alternative but to accept my generosity and alter course for Corona Borealis.

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Rambo III picture

Mousa: You do not look like men Griggs sent before. You not look like you are with military.
Rambo: I'm not.
Mousa: What you are? Mercenary?
Rambo: No.
Mousa: You're not with military, not mercenary - what you are? Lost tourist?
Rambo: I'm no tourist.

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Mac and Me picture

Janet Cruise: It's ruined. It's totally ruined.
Eric Cruise: It wasn't me, mom! It was a little creature! I saw it.
Janet Cruise: The house is totally destroyed.
Eric Cruise: What do you want me to say?
Janet Cruise: I don't want you to say anything.

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Big Top Pee-Wee picture

Vance: We do not want to end up with a low potassium level.
Pee-wee: Duh, Vance! You'd think I never went to agricultural junior college.

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Crocodile Dundee II picture

Sue: You shot Walter.
Mick: Yeah. It was the only thing I could think of to save his life.

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Missing in Action III picture

Mik: Vietnam - I never thought I'd be coming back - I guess we never really CAN leave, can we?

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Man from Snowy River 2 picture

Mrs. Darcy: Broaden your minds - have another beer. Have two.

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