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Factual error: When Cindy wanted a hitman to kill Ian she looks in the yellow pages to find one. Surely the police and the makers of the yellow pages would have been alerted if a hitman agency wants to advertise itself in the yellow pages?

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My Brother, My Father - S3-E17

Factual error: Angelo claims he promised their mother on her deathbed that he would become a priest, and Sophia says she promised she would marry someone else - and we assume she died before Sophia or Angelo got married to their spouses. However, in the episode where they are flashing back for Mother's Day, Sophia's mother is in this episode along with Sal (and she looks like an older version of Dorothy).

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Pirates - S2-E15

Factual error: A 250-year-old sea chest recovered from the ocean floor is opened, and all its paper items are perfectly dry: the log book can be opened and read, and the letters can easily be unrolled. Highly unlikely. The chest's wood and pitch would deteriorate (salt water is extremely corrosive), and the paper should be damp and crumbly, at the very least. Even more likely, it would have become a lump of unreadable sludge.

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Factual error: 2-7 "The Crimsom Avenger": At Dunwyn Erwyllan grabs a bundle of money bills from a fishmonger. It may be just a curiosity since paper money wasn't used in real medevial times, but it is still odd as gold coins are still in heavy use in all other episodes. Even the royal treasury, which is robbed in this very episode, has only bags of coins and no bundles of paper money.

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The Murder's in the Mail - S1-E6

Factual error: Dead blonde guy is sitting upright in the chair, as Dave/Maddie close in, and Maddie realises he isn't moving. David goes to him and smacks him across the shoulder, to "wake him up" and blonde dead guy, right on cue, instantly slumps over a table at his right side, when the direction that David hit his shoulder, should have sent the dead guy slumping more forward, then at the front edge of the table. Obviously staged for the actor's comfort.

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Song of the Younger World - S2-E20

Factual error: The 19th Century reformatory has modern electric light bulbs hanging from the corridor ceilings. (00:21:10)

Jean G
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