Best horror movie plot holes of 1984

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A Nightmare on Elm Street picture

Plot hole: Following Glen's death, Nancy tells her father to come across the street in 20 minutes to catch Freddy. She then goes to her house, checks and sets her alarm clock, and proceeds to rig the ENTIRE house with booby traps, including filling a light bulb with the contents of several shotgun shells, and has a heart-to-heart talk with her inebriated mom. When she gets back to her room to go to sleep, she checks her clock again. The time on the clock has advanced only TEN minutes. She did ALL that in only TEN minutes?

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter picture

Plot hole: When Jason is going next door to chase after Trish, he pulls Jimbo's body down from the doorway and begins walking towards Trish's cabin. He is seen walking by himself. However in the next scene, he throws Rob's body through the window. There was no time for him to go back and get the body. (01:17:15)

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Gremlins picture

Plot hole: When Billy is talking to the Sheriff and his Deputy, he explains what the creatures are, and shows them Gizmo. The cops don't take Billy's story seriously and even mock him, even after the phone call about the Futterman's Snowplough "accident." Why didn't Billy simply tell the Sheriff about the dead Teacher or get them to call the Dr where Billy left his injured mother? The mere mention of a dead body should have to be investigated by the police, and the word of a local respected Dr should also be enough to back up Billy's story and give him the help he's need to stop the Gremlins.

The Rodent
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C.H.U.D. picture

Plot hole: Captain Bosch and AJ steal George Cooper's photos, but not the negatives. George Cooper discovers the photos are missing, and could have just recreated the pictures from the negatives. He is looking for who took his pictures later. (00:37:30 - 00:53:00)

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The Hills Have Eyes Part II picture

Plot hole: When Rachael/Ruby is attacked by Pluto in the rafters, Cass, being blind, is able to hear her cry out. When she does, Cass calls out to her by saying "Ruby." However it was a couple scenes later when Rachael tells everyone that she is really Ruby. Cass is surprised to hear this. Therefore, not knowing that Rachael was really Ruby, she should have called out "Rachael" instead of "Ruby" when she was attacked because she didn't know the truth by then.

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