Best horror movie mistakes of 1983

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Christine picture

Continuity mistake: When Christine is fixing herself after the guys smashed her up, her front end is shown to be perfectly straight for its entire width and the hood is missing. Near the end of the scene, the front end is shown crushed and unfolds again, and the hood appears from nowhere.

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Jaws 3-D picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when the water skiers are practicing, in one shot they are skiing right next to land and trees, in the next shot they are way out in the ocean near the ports. (00:03:25)

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Visible crew/equipment: When the telephone rings, Cujo bounds over and begins barking at it. After he has finished barking, he lingers in the window frame, and then, you can see a crewmember's hand come in, and pull him down from the ledge. (00:55:30)

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Psycho II picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Dr. Raymond leaves with Mary in his car after talking to Norman, when he drives off the entire crew and equipment can be seen reflected in the side of his car. (00:41:50)

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The Dead Zone picture

Revealing mistake: The outline of the blood pack is visible under John's shirt when Stillson's body guard shoots him. (01:37:35)

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Nightmares picture

Visible crew/equipment: As the priest is loading his luggage in the car, a large light is reflected in the quarter panel. It is not the sun, as that is ahead to our right while the light is behind us to the left. (00:51:20)


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Sleepaway Camp picture

Continuity mistake: When Meg comes up to Angela, taunting her, Angela's head position and the look on her face changes in each shot.

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The House On Sorority Row picture

Plot hole: It seems unlikely any mental institution would let a patient out to visit home for any length of time as happens in the movie with the killer and his mother.


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Suggested correction: Unlikely, but still possible. Almost every workplace has a situation in which a person is bending the rules.

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Curtains picture

Plot hole: Patty ends up in the asylum even though nobody's there to send her and nobody called the police.


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