Best western movie mistakes of 1980

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Urban Cowboy picture

Continuity mistake: The movie is supposed to have been filmed and taken place exclusively in Pasadena, TX, and MOST of it is. The trailer park that they live in, however, is NOT in Pasadena, or anywhere near there. There are several scenes where they show someone driving into the trailer park, and you can see mountains in the background. There aren't any mountains within hundreds of miles of Pasadena.

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High Noon Part II picture

Plot hole: Kane and Irons abandon their horses to hook a ride on the train, leaving behind their rifles. When they get to Hadleyville, Kane has somehow reacquired his Sharps.

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Tom Horn picture

New this month Factual error: In this poorly-researched film ("based on a true story"), Tom Horn lugs around a government-issue, lever-action 45.60 caliber rifle and even claims that he prefers the 45.60 because the ammunition is plentiful wherever he goes. However, there is no historical or biographical record of Tom Horn carrying and using a 45.60 rifle. In point of fact, the real Tom Horn's weapon of choice was the lever-action 30.30 rifle (a common range weapon of the day, often known as a "brushbuster"). When Tom Horn was arrested for murder in real life, he was carrying his 30.30 rifle, but a 45.60 cartridge was discovered in his pocket. This film fabricated its fictional plot around that 45.60 cartridge found in his possession.

Charles Austin Miller
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The Long Riders picture

Continuity mistake: When Cole and the halfbreed duel with knives, the fabric they hold in their mouths as a tether keeps flipping over, meaning the end of the cloth hangs out the left side of the mouth, then the right, and left again - several times for both actors - even tho the fight is continuous and they make no moves that would change this.

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