Best family movie revealing mistakes of 1980

Midnight Madness picture

Revealing mistake: When Laura tears the piece of paper with the LAX clue on it, you can see the paper crease so she will have a straight tear.

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William Bergquist
Animalympics picture

Revealing mistake: When Bolt Jenkins lands right into the Gekko Flakes commercial, the whole scene shifts for a bit. Obviously, the cells got a bit messed up during layering while making the scene.

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Popeye picture

Revealing mistake: After Bluto knocks Popeye out and he falls into the water, Bluto goes to jump in after him. Watch the water. Popeye just landed, but the water is really calm. And when Bluto hits the water, it's right on top of a face-down floating Popeye. As Bluto hits, Popeye's body bends almost in half backwards, revealing that it's a foam rubber mannequin.

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Movie Nut
Herbie Goes Bananas picture

Revealing mistake: After the shot that shows Herbie spitting sea water from his exhausts, look at the bumper in the next shot of Herbie, when he gets black smoke from his exhausts. The rust doesn't look real, because they used paint to make it look like rust.

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