Best sci-fi TV revealing mistakes of 1978

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Blake's 7 picture

The Web - S1-E5

Revealing mistake: The double-bladed axe one of the Decimas uses to attack the station windows is wobbling as he strikes with it. Small wonder he's not getting far at breaking in, with a weapon made of rubber. (00:22:30)

Jean G
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Battlestar Galactica picture

Saga of a Star World (1) - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: In the second shot showing the fleet of Battlestars (from the port side and slightly behind), two ghostly images fly in formation with the three Battlestars shown. They are just above the closest ship (where the narrow middle meets the larger rear section). It seems that the shot may have originally contained 5 ships and an attempt was made to 'remove' the most distant two, leaving the "ghosts". (00:02:45)

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The Incredible Hulk picture

Wildfire - S2-E12

Revealing mistake: When Adler fights with David close to the detonator just before his second transformation, the shots are filmed too close. It makes it really obvious that a stuntman is replacing David for most of the fight.

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Mork & Mindy picture

Mork vs. Mindy - S2-E6

Revealing mistake: When Mork rollerskates into the wall, the wall moves slightly.

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