Best western movie quotes of 1976

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The Outlaw Josey Wales picture

Lone Watie: Get ready, little lady. Hell is coming to breakfast.

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The Shootist picture

Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: Did you read about the shooting the night before last at the Metropole?
John Bernard Books: No.
Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: Whoee! That was some shooting. Pulford, he's the faro dealer, got off one round under fire. Straight through the heart., and it measured 84 feet 3 inches. Maybe I'll just send him here, let him deal you a little faro.

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Across the Great Divide picture

Jason Smith: Are you really a trickster?
Zachariah Coop: Oh, I think most people are at a certain level. But remember this: you can't trick a man unless he's aiming to trick you.
Jason Smith: How come?
Zachariah Coop: Well, because people in general like the idea of getting something for nothing. And the trickster affords him that opportunity.

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