Best drama movie character mistakes of 1973

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The Day of the Jackal picture

Character mistake: When the false passport application is found, they say that the passport was mailed on Jul 14. When Lebel tell the Minister about the passport, he says that it was issued on Jul 30.

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Serpico picture

Character mistake: When Frank Serpico is recording his phone call regarding being transferred, the guy, who says the precinct is clean as a houndstooth, calls him Mike.

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Charley Varrick picture

Character mistake: On finding Harman's dead body in their caravan, Charley says 'You called it, kid'. Great line, but Harman didn't call it. Charley, in fact, called it by giving his address to Jewell., who passes it on to Molly, who then goes to kill both Harman and Charley if he can.

Sir John Danvers

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Magnum Force picture

Character mistake: When Harry walks up to look in the car which Ricca and his men were shot in, he places his hands on the driver's side and back seat passenger's side window sill, while the crime scene is being investigated. No senior Inspector like Harry would do this. (00:09:40)


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