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The Poseidon Adventure picture

Mike Rogo: You weren't on the streets that long! How many guys did you know! Do you realise how slim even one of those characters is on this boat.
Linda Rogo: You don't have to shout.
Mike Rogo: I said do you realise...
Linda Rogo: I heard what you said.

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Return of the Dragon picture

Tang Lung: Let him know. If I ever see him here again... he won't leave alive.

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Shaft's Big Score! picture

Shaft: You might catch cold.
Rita: I suppose its immodest of me to walk around like this in front of a stranger. But, any enemy of John Kelly's, is an old friend of mine.

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Conquest of the Planet of the Apes picture

Woman: [Talking about cigarettes.] Funny, now that I know these things won't kill me, I don't enjoy them.

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Sitting Target picture

Harry Lomart: You conniving bitch.

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Superfly picture

Youngblood Priest: I'm gettin' out, Eddie.
Eddie: Gettin' outta what?
Youngblood Priest: The cocaine business.
Eddie: Oh, sweet. Shit. Say, those junkies must have knocked a hole in your head. You're gonna give all this up? 8-Track Stereo, color T.V. in every room, and can snort a half a piece of dope everyday? That's the American Dream, ni**a! Well, ain't it? Ain't it?

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Fist of Fury picture

Wu: I was being used, have pity on me! Please, sir.
Chen: Have pity? Who had pity for Huo Yuan-Chia?

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The Mechanic picture

Steve McKenna: You do this for money?
Arthur Bishop: Money is paid, but that's not the motive. It has to do with standing outside of it all, on your own.

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The Getaway picture

Fran Clinton: Would you please carry my kitty for me?
Laughlin: The cat?
Fran Clinton: Yeah.
Fran Clinton: What's its name?
Fran Clinton: Poor little Harold.
Laughlin: That's a strange name for a pussy.

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The Way of the Dragon picture

Tang Lung: Movement number 4: Dragon seeks path. Hi-yah!" (Tang kicks, knocking a hoodlum unconscious) "Dragon whips his tail.

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