Shaft's Big Score!
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Cigarette Girl: Cigarette?
Shaft: No, thank you. What else can you help me with?
Cigarette Girl: Well, I'm off at four o'clock.

Shaft: What are you buzzards doing here?
Bumpy Jonas: Well, well. Ha. We go to a lot of funerals, Shaft, Willy and me. One day, we'll drop in on yours.
Willy: Real soon.
Shaft: You're not invited.

Gus Mascola: You looking for me? I've been hearing quite a bit about you, Mr. Shaft. You're a - quite a boy.
Shaft: I prefer man.
Gus Mascola: Alright, man.

Cabaret Dancer: I'm not a gamblin' woman.
Shaft: I'm a gamblin' man.
Cabaret Dancer: I thought it was my action you were diggin' here. I never took you for a gambler.

Rita: So, what am I doing in a place like this?
Shaft: Why don't you tell me.
Rita: Why don't you take your things off.

Shaft: So, what do you want from me, Captain?
Capt. Bollin: Put the word out. Nobody better try to come in here and mess up the status quo. And nobody's comin' in here to sell sht to our kids or put whores on our streets.

Shaft: Obviously, you're not a friend of the famiiy.
Rita: Not any more, I'm not. Not after a nasty slap in the face.
Shaft: Best thing for that is an ice pack.
Rita: Why thank you, Mr. Shaft. Why don't you come in and show me how to apply it.

Shaft: You might catch cold.
Rita: I suppose its immodest of me to walk around like this in front of a stranger. But, any enemy of John Kelly's, is an old friend of mine.

Willy: What are they doing?
Shaft: They've already done it. Now, it's our turn.

Gus Mascola: Have you considered renewing your partnership with Cal Asby?
Johnny Kelly: Come on, man. He's dead.
Gus Mascola: Precisely.

Rita: Hey, is that snow?
Shaft: It sho ain't cotton.

Shaft: Has Kelly been around here to see you lately?
Bumpy Jonas: Lots of cats come and go around here.

Shaft's Big Score! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Captain Bollin is questioning Shaft in his office, his hand position between shots is not always consistent. Best example when he asks Shaft about Mascola: he is leaning with his left hand on the top of the file cabinet, but he's shown rubbing his hands together in the following shot. (00:29:40)

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