Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance
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Ogami Itto: I am the Second designated by the Shogunate... Ogami Itto.

Sugito: Lately, I've been having awful nightmares. The voices may be the souls of those you've beheaded... they curse me from ponds of blood... or mountains of spikes... from ghastly places... I can hear them as they send chills down my spine. They say that they'll put a curse upon the Ogami line and they keep repeating that over and over. I am consumed with fear for our child's safety.

Ogami Itto: You would've been happier if you'd chosen to join your mother in her world.

Revealing mistake: After the attack on the village by the three assassins, Itto places his son in bed next to his dead wife Azami, and in the close-up shot of them you can see Azami swallowing. (00:17:26)

Jack Vaughan

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