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Carry On Cowboy picture

Audio problem: When we see the can-can dancers perform on-stage, the music is played by a full band including brass and drums, despite the fact that there's only a pianist on-stage. (00:22:10)


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Suggested correction: This error is not unique to Carry On Cowboy. It seems that in very many western movies (and TV shows) there might be a scene in a saloon, in which a singer or some dancers are performing on a stage. In nearly all such occasions they seem to be accompanied by a full orchestra which is nowhere to be seen.

Rob Halliday

This is not a valid correction. To say the error exist in other films does not invalidate this error.


Sorry, I think I got that wrong. I was not trying to invalidate the error, far from it! What I meant to say was that I agree that this is quite an obvious error in Carry On Cowboy, and that this also seems to be a common, and rather amusing, error in many other western films as well.

Rob Halliday

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Night Train to Mundo Fine picture

Audio problem: During the chase at the end of the movie, the police cars' tires squeal in the dirt.

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Alfie picture

Audio problem: When Alfie and the other mechanic are at the shed, the mechanic asks, "Are you getting serious with her?" and his mouth is not in sync.

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One Million Years B.C. picture

Audio problem: When Sakana has captured Loana the first time, Tumak is fighting Sakana for Loana. Tumak has stabbed Sakana with his spear and is about to kill him when Loana intervenes crying "Neh, Neh," while grabbing the spear and deflecting the final thrust. The defect is that Loana's last "Neh," is heard while her mouth is firmly closed.

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Batman picture

Audio problem: As the camera looks at the delegates, it gets to the Japanese man. What is heard in no way matches his mouth's movements. Also, the British representative can be heard speaking a second or two after disappearing.

Movie Nut

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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? picture

Audio problem: In the scene where George and the other man are outside talking by the swing, George says "tell me about your wife's money" and the other man says "no". After this you hear the audio of George saying "OK, don't" but his mouth does not move at all. (00:57:00)

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Munster, Go Home! picture

Audio problem: The long shot of Marilyn and Eddie in the grandstand shows Eddie mouthing his lines about tomatoes, then in the next close up shot of them Eddie is actually saying the lines.


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Carry On Don't Lose Your Head picture

Audio problem: When Sir Rodney Ffing is disguised as Robespierre, his lips don't match what's being said. Plus when him, Darcy and Pommefrit are leaving, as he says "You two, come with me", his lips aren't moving at all.

Heather Benton Premium member

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