Best horror movie mistakes of 1965

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Monster a-Go Go picture

Factual error: The crashed US spacecraft from which the monster emerges is obviously much too small to have carried a human being into space.


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The Eye Creatures picture

Continuity mistake: In the film the Eye Creatures have landed their spaceship in a field during the night and the Army has been called in to survey the spaceship. A soldier gets on top of the space ship and starts using a welding unit to try and open it and it's bright and clear out. The temperature of the welding ignites a fuse on the spaceship which causes the ship to explode. When the scene shows the spaceship blowing up it's now pitch black outside.

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Dr. Terror's House of Horrors picture

Other mistake: In the opening credits, the composer of the movie score is credited as "Elizabeth Lutyens", with a Z. Her proper name was Elisabeth, with an S. (00:00:50)

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Two on a Guillotine picture

Other mistake: Dean Jones and Connie Stevens are riding in a gondola of a skyway ride at a seaside amusement park. The gondola they are in is obviously on a studio soundstage. It is much larger than the gondolas shown in the rear-screen projection. In addition, there are no riders in any of the other gondolas and the gears and cables of the ride make absolutely no sound.

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Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster picture

Revealing mistake: During practically every scene with Dr. Nadir, the prosthetics to make his cranium look more 'alien' are visible. In particular, when the Queen realises he's been shooting down spaceships and not missiles and calls him a 'fool', at the back of the neck the line where the concealing make-up ends is evident. Throughout the rest of the movie the other Martians have similar if not even more obvious bald caps. (00:17:45)

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