Best action TV audio problems of 1964

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. picture

The Summit-Five Affair - S4-E1

Audio problem: When Helga tries to slam the door and shouts, "Get away from me," her lips aren't moving at all. (00:29:25)

Jean G
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Thunderbirds picture

City of Fire - S1-E3

Audio problem: When the Tower Controller says, "How are those fire tenders coming", it is said by Ray Barrett instead of Matt Zimmerman.

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Jonny Quest picture

Pursuit of the Po-Ho - S1-E4

Audio problem: When Jonny and Hadji are in the boat waiting for Race' return, Bandit starts growling and barking, but Bandit is not grimacing or moving his mouth as he growls and barks.

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