Best adventure movie mistakes of 1964

Goldfinger picture

Continuity mistake: The T-Bird following Oddjob to the junkyard does not have fender skirts but does when they give up the chase and head back to the farm.

01:16:25 - 01:20:30

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer picture

Audio problem: In the scene where the elves introduce the 'We are Santa's Elves' song to Santa Claus, the head elf's voice doesn't match his voice from previous and subsequent scenes.

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Rick Johnstone
First Men In The Moon picture

Factual error: When the Victorian astronauts are on the moon they are dressed in deep sea diving suits - without gloves.

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The Long Ships picture

Factual error: Rolfe is leading the Vikings on a quest to find a giant golden bell, 'The Mother Of All Voices'. After many exploits the Vikings find a building with a large dome on it: Rolfe excitedly enters it, but all he finds is one small metal bell, hanging from a rope. In his anger he grabs the small bell and smashes it against the wall. This causes a horrible reverberation, and he realises that the dome on top of the building is 'The Mother Of All Voices' and it has been disguised by being covered with mortar to make it look like a building. The Vikings then remove the mortar to find the bell beneath. But a bell will only reverberate if it is allowed to hang free: the noise is made by the vibrations as the bell moves. If a bell is locked in position and it is then struck it might make a single clang, but it would not reverberate constantly.

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Rob Halliday
Father Goose picture

Factual error: The radio Walter uses on the island has no apparent power source; we never see either batteries or a hand-cranked generator.

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