Best TV continuity mistakes of 1960

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The Andy Griffith Show pictureThe Andy Griffith Show mistake picture

Opie's Piano Lesson - S7-E26

Continuity mistake: When Opie surprises Andy by telling him that he wants to take piano lessons with Clara, he heads to the piano to play what he already knows, and when Opie plays Chopsticks on the piano he's wearing a different shirt.

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The Flintstones pictureThe Flintstones mistake picture

The Engagement Ring - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: Wilma opens the bedroom door to find Fred covered in flour, but in the next shot the bedroom door has vanished while Fred stands in the doorway.

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Coronation Street picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the programme shown on 11 June 2007, David Platt takes his exam and then sets fire to his exam paper. In the programme on 22 August 2007, he collects his result and gets an A. He could not possibly have got an A, as he set fire to his paper.

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Route 66 picture

Like This It Means Father... Like This - Bitter... Like This - Tiger... - S4-E15

Continuity mistake: The bruise on Wilcox's cheek switches from the right side of his face to the left and back again several times throughout the episode.

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Danger Man picture

The Sanctuary - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: The packages Drake and Kathy place on the table beside their coats have disappeared when they return for the coats a few shots later. (00:19:00 - 00:21:20)

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The Three Stooges Show picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In "Self-Made Maids," Moe, Larry and Shemp play dual roles, appearing as artists and as three models, Moella, Larryella and Shempella. In one scene, Larryella squeezes Shemp's hand while he's holding a tube of black paint. The paint squirts only on his face but in the next shot there are also paint spatters on his smock. When he returns to his easel, the paint on his face and smock has disappeared.

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