Best movie audio problems of 1951

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Alice in Wonderland picture

Audio problem: When the box of cakes appears, Alice takes one, and says "Goodness know what.", and then she puts the cake in her mouth, and is visibly not moving her mouth, however we still hear her say ".this will do."

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The Thing From Another World picture

Audio problem: While at the saucer crash site, some of the characters approach the air foil of the saucer. Dr. Carrington asks Vorhees if he can tell what metal it is. After Barnes is asked to bring some tools, watch Dr. Carrington's lips. He's obviously talking to Captain Hendry, but there is no audio.

Tony DiClemente
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Death of a Salesman picture

Audio problem: In the first scene between Kate Reid and Dustin Hoffman, the foley work is out of synch when Hoffman walks up the stair and turns the corner.

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Ballot Box Bunny picture

Audio problem: When Bugs hits the key on the right of the booby-trapped key, the tone of the key is different to the one when he hit it first time.

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