Best animated movie mistakes of 1944

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Plane Daffy picture

Audio problem: When Hatta Mari says "Come, liebchen!" to Pigeon 13, her mouth doesn't move.

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Tick Tock Tuckered picture

Continuity mistake: When Porky and Daffy wake up, Daffy's bed cover is coloured grey, but in the next shot it is now coloured white.

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Hare Force picture

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester attempts to run into the house, Bugs Bunny closes the bottom half of the door and Sylvester crashes right into it. But when we see Sylvester dazed in the next shot, the top half of the door is nowhere to be seen.

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The Million Dollar Cat picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom is shocked to see Jerry in his car, he has a cigar in his mouth. But when he goes to look at Jerry in the next shot, the cigar has gone.

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The Old Grey Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When Elmer Fudd picks up the newspaper beside him, you can see that he is holding the paper with his hands whilst looking at the front page, but when we see the newspaper in the next shot, his hands are nowhere to be seen.

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Stage Door Cartoon picture

Continuity mistake: When Elmer Fudd shoots Bugs Bunny's dress after discovering he was one of the can-can dancers, there are pieces of Bugs' dress on the floor. But when Bugs runs back after Elmer points his gun at him, the pieces have disappeared.

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Hare Ribbin' picture

Continuity mistake: When the dog is sniffing Bugs Bunny, you can see that Bugs has his right hand on the tree while he is eating a carrot, but when we see a close up of the dog in the next shot, Bugs' hand has disappeared.

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Screwball Squirrel picture

Continuity mistake: When Sammy Squirrel meets Screwy Squirrel, you can see that Sammy is holding a basket in her left hand, but in the next shot the basket has disappeared.

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Tom Turk and Daffy picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy says to Porky, "Did you lose something, Fat Stuff?" the number of trees in the background decreases between shots.

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The Bodyguard picture

Continuity mistake: When Spike is captured by the dog catcher at the end of the cartoon, you can see that there is a padlock on the door of the van, but when Jerry is chasing the van in the next shot, the padlock has disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: The book Sniffles is reading is coloured green in long shots, yet in close ups it is yellow.

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