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The More the Merrier picture

Connie Milligan: You - look messy. Don't you ever brush your hair?
Joe Carter: I suppose Mr. Pendergast combs his hair every hour, on the hour.
Connie Milligan: Mr. Pendergast has no hair.

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Cabin in the Sky picture

Petunia Jackson: You have a funny feeling, Joe?
Joseph 'Little Joe' Jackson: I've got a feeling, but it ain't funny.

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Shadow of a Doubt picture

Young Charlie: We just sort of go along and nothing happens. We're in a terrible rut. It's been on my mind for months. What's gonna be our future?
Joseph Newton: Oh, come now, Charlie. Things aren't as bad as that. The bank gave me a raise last January.
Young Charlie: Money? How can you talk about money when I'm talking about souls? We eat and sleep and that's about all. We don't even have any real conversations. We just talk.

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Sahara picture

Waco Hoyt: I see you whittled them down a bit.
Sgt. Joe Gunn: Yeah...they whittled us down too.

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Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man picture

Maleva: Are you the proprietor?
Vazec, the Proprietor: I am. What do you beggars want?
Maleva: We just want to ask you, sir, about the Doctor Frankenstein.
Vazec, the Proprietor: Frankenstein? Don't mention that name around this town.

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Tarzan Triumphs picture

Tarzan: Tarzan like jungle. Jungle people only fight to live. Civilized people live to fight.

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The Ox-Bow Incident picture

Donald Martin: Why do ya keep asking me all these questions? You don't believe anything I tell you.
Major Tetley: There's truth in lies too, if you can get enough of them.

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This Is the Army picture

Sgt. McGee: What's the matter with you Twardofsky? Don't you like our early morning calisthenics?
Pvt. Twardofsky: Well, I didn't like 'em at first.
Sgt. McGee: Oh, you didn't like 'em at first. How do you like 'em now?
Pvt. Twardofsky: I'm still on first.

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The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp picture

Theo Kretschmar-Schuldorff: What is your first name, Miss Cannon?
'Johnny' Cannon: Angela.
Theo Kretschmar-Schuldorff: What a lovely name. It comes from Angel, doesn't it?
'Johnny' Cannon: I think it stinks. My friends call me Johnny.

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Yankee Doodle Daffy picture

Daffy Duck: Yes, sir. Daffy Duck, personal representative of the biggest discovery since the Sweater Girl. He's colossal! Stupendous! One might even go so far as to say... he's mediocre. I give you that paragon of pep and personality, Sleepy Lagoon.

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Tortoise Wins by a Hare picture

Bugs Bunny: Hey, look, folks! I'm ahead! I'm in the lead! I'm gonna win, yeah! Hooray for the rabbit! Hooray! Look at me go! Look at me go.

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