Best movie audio problems of 1942

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Casablanca picture

Audio problem: Strasser arrives at Rick's and a woman is playing a guitar while the band behind plays all kinds of instruments, but just the piano is heard. It looks quite ridiculous. (01:09:29)

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Woman of the Year picture

Audio problem: When Sam and Tess go to the baseball game, and she asks who is playing, he responds with "The Athletics and the Yanks." When Sam mentions the "Athletics" his lips are saying a different team. (00:09:20)

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The Wacky Wabbit picture

Audio problem: When Bugs throws the stick of dynamite from the hole back at Elmer, Elmer screams but his mouth doesn't move.

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Eatin' on the Cuff or The Moth Who Came to Dinner picture

Audio problem: When we see the moth singing on his way to the bar, his mouth doesn't move.

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The Impatient Patient picture

Audio problem: When Daffy punches "Chloe", he says "Hoo-Hoo" but no words are coming out.

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