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The Mummy's Hand picture

Steve Banning: Those jackals are giving me goose pimples.
Babe Jenson: Aw they're giving me goose pimples on top of my goose pimples.

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Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip picture

Pete: You know, I used to have a little cat once. And when it was left all alone, it'd cry... meeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwww.

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The Philadelphia Story picture

Elizabeth Imbrie: What's this room? I've forgotten my compass.
Macaulay Connor: I'd say, south-by-southwest parlor-by-living-room.

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Knute Rockne All American picture

Knute, Age 7: Poppa, don't talk Norwegian, talk American. We're all Americans now, especially me. I'm left end.

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Rebecca picture

Mrs. Edythe Van Hopper: Most girls would give their eyes for the chance to see Monte.
Maxim de Winter: Wouldn't that rather defeat the purpose?

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The Mark of Zorro picture

Don Diego Vega: I must please ask you to change the subject. His Excellency objects to talk of throat-cutting.
Captain Esteban Pasquale: Quiet, you Popinjay! I have no reason to letting you live either.
Don Diego Vega: What a pleasant coincidence. I feel exactly the same way about you Capitan.
Captain Esteban Pasquale: You wouldn't care to translate that feeling into action would you?
Don Diego Vega: I might be tempted. If I had a weapon.
Captain Esteban Pasquale: Would you.

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His Girl Friday picture

Wilson, reporter: Any dope on how he escaped?
McCue, reporter: Maybe the sheriff let him out so Williams could vote for him.

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My Favorite Wife picture

Ellen Wagstaff Arden aka Eve: Oh, by the way, how was my funeral?
Ma: Lovely. Doctor Blake preached a wonderful service.
Ellen Wagstaff Arden aka Eve: Oh, I wish I had been there.

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The Shop Around the Corner picture

Doctor: Pardon me Mr.Katona? Precisely what position do you hold with Matuschek and Company?
Pepi Katona: Well, I would describe myself as a contact man. I keep contact between Matuschek and the customers... on a bicycle.
Doctor: Do you mean, an errand boy?
Pepi Katona: Doctor, do I call you a pill-peddler?

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The Great Dictator picture

Schultz: Strange, and I always thought of you as an Aryan.
A Jewish barber: I'm a vegetarian.

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Second Chorus picture

Danny O'Neill: It seems to me I smell a mouse.
Ellen Miller: Somewhere around the house.

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Foreign Correspondent picture

Mr. Powers: Foreign correspondent! I could get more news out of Europe looking in a crystal ball.

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Go West picture

S. Quentin Quale: Lulubelle, it's you! I didn't recognize you standing up.

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Michael Shayne, Private Detective picture

Michael Shayne: Hey, Steve, that brooch is as phony as a mother-in-law's kiss.

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A Wild Hare picture

Elmer Fudd: Doggone you, old, mean wabbit.

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Edison, the Man picture

Mr. Taggart: We've no guarantee that these theories of yours are workable.
Thomas A. Edison: Well, most electricity is theory yet.
Mr. Taggart: That's the trouble. Beyond a point what good is electricity anyway?
Thomas A. Edison: What good is a newborn baby?

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Busman's Honeymoon picture

Harriet Vane: May I ask what is your motive for liquidating this little animal?

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The Mortal Storm picture

Prof. Viktor Roth: May we not believe as we choose and allow others to do the same?

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The Grapes of Wrath picture

Ma Joad: Well, Pa, a woman can change better'n a man. A man lives sorta - well, in jerks. Baby's born or somebody dies, and that's a jerk. He gets a farm or loses it, and that's a jerk. With a woman, it's all in one flow, like a stream - little eddies and waterfalls - but the river, it goes right on. Woman looks at it thata way.

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The Return of Frank James picture

Frank James: I can't talk without thinking, not being a lawyer.

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