Best animated movie mistakes of 1938

Porky's Party picture

Continuity mistake: When Porky is lighting the candles on the cake at the beginning of the cartoon, the position of the candles change between shots.

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Mickey's Trailer picture

Continuity mistake: When Goofy realises that nobody is driving the car, he is wearing a napkin. When he jumps into the car, the napkin has disappeared, and when he says "The worst is over!" the napkin is back around his neck again.

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Boat Builders picture

Continuity mistake: Goofy is seen hammering a nail into the starboard side of the ship. But when he takes his hand away, there are two nails, not one.

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Farmyard Symphony picture

Continuity mistake: A sow is nursing four little pigs. When the farmer brings food, she rises and walks away, leaving behind five little pigs.

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Daffy Duck in Hollywood picture

Continuity mistake: When Von Hamburger shows the producer the completed reel, it has a green spool and he puts it by the side of the producer's desk. Daffy then replaces it with his own film and you can see that the spool is light blue. The spool then becomes green again in the next shot.

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Cracked Ice picture

Continuity mistake: When the St Bernard dog is preparing the drink for the frozen bird, he puts a cocktail stick with a piece of orange and a cherry into the glass, but when we see the dog holding the glass in the next shot, the cocktail stick has disappeared.

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