Best comedy movie mistakes of 1927

The Battle of the Century picture

Continuity mistake: When Charlie Hall slips on the banana skin with his tray of pies outside the pie shop, he places the tray on top of his left leg, but in the next shot the tray is under his leg.

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It (1927)

It picture

Continuity mistake: To prevent two welfare workers from taking the child of her unemployed roommate, Betty Lou Spence claims the baby is her own. A newspaper article, shown in close-up, says she fought "all who sought possession of the tiny child." The word "possession" is hyphenated. One line of the article ends with "pos-" and the next line begins with "session." When the newspaper is shown again, the hyphenation is different. One line now ends with "posses-" and the next line begins with "sion."

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Steven Lee

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