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The Games That Play Us - S1-E22

Other mistake: In the last episode of season 1, Lucas goes to see Haley and Nathan where they tell him they got married last night, which must have been after the playoffs game. However, in season 2 in flashbacks of their wedding they got married during the day.

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The New Kid - S1-E2

Other mistake: At the start when the gang change the time on the clock in the classroom, it wouldn't control the main school clock, plus in every other episode the clock has been operated by the box on the side of the school, as shown in " The spy who came into the playground".

cameron davies
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Pixel TV - S2-E13

Other mistake: When Sportacus jumps out of his blimp, his crystal is missing.

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Little Girl I Wanna Marry You - S1-E13

Other mistake: Coach Taylor and Tami moved to town before the season. Tami is asked to work on the mayor's reelection campaign. Coach Taylor asks Tami "Does she know you voted for her opponent?" This wouldn't be possible as the previous election would have occurred years before the Taylors moved to town.

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Suggested correction: Didn't they say he was the middle school coach before being named head coach? That's why he was Jason's coach ahead of being his high school coach.

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