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Miracle Man - S1-E18

The X-Files mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the establishing shot of the courthouse the subtitle reads "Kenwood County Courthouse" but you can read on the building that it is the "DeKalb County Courthouse". (00:15:15)

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This Sorrowful Life - S3-E15

The Walking Dead mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Merle is the in big box late 80's chevy with big 20-22 inch rims he is shown driving it in the barn yard drinking, playing music, and zombies following him. The shot changes a few times within the same scene with the big rims on, in one shot the car is shown with him driving it but the stock rims (15") are on the car, the paint of the car looks a little darker too. Then the shot changes again while he is still driving it and the big rims are on the chevy again. The shot that shows the stock rims is a pretty fast shot so it could be easy to miss.


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Power Hungry - S1-E5

Fringe mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When they're transporting Joseph Meegar out of the building and into the ambulance, you can see the reflection of the boom mike on the open car door, (the car Charlie is putting Mr. Fischer into). (00:41:00)


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Episode Nineteen - S2-E12

Twin Peaks mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mike Nelson asks Donna for help in dealing with Nadine, Donna's right hand is inside her locker, looking for something. It then mysteriously jumps to the top of the stack of books she has in her other hand. (00:12:45)

Cubs Fan

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Abra Cadaver - S3-E4

Tales from the Crypt mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning of the episode, when the brothers chat around the central morgue table, the boom mike appears above the table, on the upper side of the screen. (00:04:55)

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The Great Good Place - S1-E1

The Haunting of Bly Manor mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Dani hands the spider back to Miles after he uses it to scare Flora, just after she says "Including me" and the spider moves from Dani's hand to Miles' hand, a red tape marker can be seen on the ground right under Victoria Pedretti's left foot. (00:34:09)

Casual Person

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Show generally

Resident Evil mistake picture

Continuity mistake: We see a zombie (Barry) cuffed to a pole in a bathroom. A few dramatic cello strokes later, there's a close-up of Zombarry ripping his hand off to facilitate eating Jade's face. Zombarry lunges at Jade and his hand is back. (00:24:20)


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Suggested correction: From S1xE2, "The Devil You Know." Perhaps use pause and/or play it in slow motion. In the closeup of him "ripping his hand" it's not his entire hand, bones and all, that is "ripping off" at the wrist. It's actually only the hand's skin layer surface, nails included, that comes loose and slides off, leaving the skin-glove hand dangling from the handcuff. After this, the actor's hand has the appearance (kind of meh) of a skinless bony hand, which is most noticeable when Barry attacks Melinda.

Super Grover Premium member

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The Red Door - S2-E9

Under the Dome mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Big Jim communicates to the military commander at the dome, he writes on his notepad, and shows "Me and my son" to the commander; yet when he returns to his car and looks at it again, it's written quite differently. (00:24:05 - 00:24:45)


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Bad Blood - S5-E3

Bates Motel mistake picture

Other mistake: When Norman and Madeleine are talking outside the Motel about Sam, the left side of the screen appears to be split down the middle after Norman says "Because you know it's safe to tell me", causing a weird effect on the chair that Madeleine is sitting in.


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Eulogy - S1-E7

The Haunting of Hill House mistake picture

Other mistake: While working in the basement, the young Hugh Crain gets his right hand sliced badly by a fan. When the story next jumps forward to the present time, the first thing we see is Hugh grabbing a handful of dirt with the same hand and there is barely a scar on it.

Phaneron Premium member

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