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I Can Only Imagine picture

Trivia: Dennis Quaid's twin children are seen as extras in the dinner scene. His daughter is the little girl who points at him as he falls out of his chair during his medical attack.

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Saturday Night Fever picture

Trivia: When Tony Manero's father slaps him on the back of the head during an argument at the dinner table, Tony replies, "Would you just watch the hair? You know, I work on my hair a long time and you hit it! He hits my hair!" John Travolta ad-libbed this line. Director John Badham thought it was so perfect for the character of Tony Manero that he decided to leave it in the film.

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Rabbit of Seville picture

Trivia: Bugs' line of "Eh, next!" at the very end of the cartoon is the only spoken line of dialogue. The rest of both his and Elmer Fudd's lines are all sung.

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A Star Is Born picture

Trivia: Sonal Chapelle, who portrays Frankie Stone, is the real-life daughter of Dave Chapelle, the actor who portrays her father "Noodles" Stone.

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The Full Monty picture

Trivia: As the finale was filming, the actors performed the entire strip routine in front of the crowd - the only time that they went 'the full monty'. To counter understandable nerves, all the actors had enough to drink beforehand to make them at least slightly drunk. Some got a bit carried away and were very inebriated, for example, when Gaz kisses Nathe, it was not scripted (look at Nathe's face), but was carried out because Carlyle was drunk.

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Bound for Glory picture

Trivia: Bound For Glory was the first production to make use of the Steadicam.

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Control picture

Trivia: Early on in the movie, when Ian Curtis (played by Sam Riley) enters his parents living room, there is a picture of the real Ian Curtis as a boy on the mantelpiece.

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The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall picture

Trivia: The encore with Sarah Brightman featured four Phantoms from around the world: Colm Wilkinson, who was in the original Canadian production (and was also the original Jean Valjean in Les Misérables in both London and New York); John Owen-Jones, who, with over 4,000 performances, is the West End's longest-running Phantom; Anthony Warlow, the most famous Phantom in Australia; and Peter Jöback, a singer from Denmark, who made his debut as the Phantom and later took up the role on tour. And while he didn't participate, Michael Crawford, the original Phantom on both the West End and Broadway, was in attendance.

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Quadrophenia picture

Trivia: During the Brighton riot scene, a man throws a table through the cafe window, he is Alan Curbishley who, at the time of filming, played football for West Ham United and later their manager. His Brother is Bill Curbishley, Manager of 'The Who', who produced the film and wrote most of the songs featured in the film.

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Coyote Ugly picture

Trivia: Although Piper Perabo was able to sing for her character, it was decided that LeAnn Rimes would provide Violet's singing voice, albeit with a deliberate deviation from her natural vocal range. This means that during LeAnn's cameo in the movie, she is effectively duetting with herself.

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Music and Lyrics picture

Trivia: Though he plays a pop-star musician, Hugh Grant has stated that he does not listen to music or own any CDs.

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Staying Alive picture

Trivia: Director Sylvester Stallone has a cameo in an early scene where Tony is looking down the sidewalk in a crowd. Stallone bumps into Tony, and they turn to look at one another for a moment.

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Phantom of the Paradise picture

Trivia: Sissy Spacek was the film's set dresser.

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Long-Haired Hare picture

Trivia: Before Leopold (Bugs) begins conducting, he takes the conductor's baton and breaks it. Leopold Stokowski never conducted with a baton, so this is the reason why Bugs breaks it.

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Phantom of the Opera picture

Trivia: When Claudin thinks his concerto has been stolen, he goes into a frenzy and attacks the music publisher. The publisher's assistant, Georgette, stops the attack by splashing a tray full of powerful etching acid into Claudin's face. Oddly, Claudin does not recoil when she throws the acid; rather, he leans forward, as if to ensure that it the liquid strikes him full in the face. Which is precisely what happened. To avoid having to shoot the messy scene more than once, we see actor Claude Rains deliberately leaning into the splash for a thorough dousing.

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Crossroads picture

Trivia: John "Juke" Logan did the harmonica parts for the soundtrack. He also is the same person who did the harmonica on Home Improvement when the "boys from K&B Construction" did their musical "Ratchet Rhapsody" on Tool Time. If you listen closely, even Rock says "Ol' Juke whipped out his..."

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Taking Woodstock picture

Trivia: At the end of the film, Michael Lang mentions he's going to California to put on another free concert with the Rolling Stones. He's referring to the infamous "Altamont concert" where the Hells Angels motorcycle gang provided security, which resulted in a number of people being beaten up, two people dying in a hit-and-run accident, one accidentally drowning, and another being stabbed to death.

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Inside Daisy Clover picture

Trivia: The film was made in 1965 and Natalie Wood was born in 1938; she was 27 when she made the film, playing a girl that aged from 13 to 17.

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Fame picture

Trivia: Director Alan Parker makes a fleeting cameo appearance. When Ralph starts his routine and says, "I'm a professional asshole", the camera moves to Coco's reaction, and then the next shot is the brief shot of Alan Parker before the camera shot moves down onto another actor. (01:41:40)

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Music of the Heart picture

Trivia: Meryl Streep's role is the only performance for which Wes Craven directed an actor to an Academy Award nomination.

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