Burke's Law

Burke's Law (1994)

Episode list

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Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally0
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1Who Killed the Starlet?0
2Who Killed the Fashion King?0
3Who Killed Nick Hazard?0
4Who Killed the Beauty Queen?0
5Who Killed the Host at the Roast?0
6Who Killed Alexander the Great?0
7Who Killed the Soap Star?0
8Who Killed Romeo?0
9Who Killed the Legal Eagle?0
10Who Killed Good Time Charlie?0
11Who Killed the Romance?0
12Who Killed Skippy's Master?0
13Who Killed the Anchorman?0
Season 2
Season 2 generally0
1Who Killed the World's Greatest Chef?0
2Who Killed the Motor Car Maverick?0
3Who Killed the Gadget Man?0
4Who Killed the Highest Bidder?0

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