Once Upon a Time

New York City Serenade - S3-E12

Plot hole: When talking to Hook about the photos, Emma states he could have photoshopped them to make it look like she and Henry were in Storybrooke, however she had taken them directly from Henry's camera and had them developed. So Hook had no way to photoshop the pictures from inside the camera.


Marj Spiritdove

Siege Perilous - S5-E3

Plot hole: To wake Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin from his coma, Emma needs an object that touched him before he became the Dark One. Hook shows her a sword, telling her how he held it to Rumplestiltskin's head and taunted him. However, the sword that Hook shows to Emma, is not the sword that he threatened Rumplestiltskin with in "The Crocodile." The sword that he used to threaten him had a unique, golden handle. When Hook and Rumplestiltskin met again a few years later, Rumplestiltskin took the same sword from Hook and dueled him with it. When Rumplestiltskin vanished into thin air after cutting off Hook's hand, he took the sword with him. The sword that Hook shows to Emma, which Emma uses to wake Mr. Gold, has a black handle with a completely different design, and is the sword Hook carried after the other one was taken from him; he can be seen using it in episodes like "Queen of Hearts", "Lost Girl" and "The Jolly Roger." This means that the sword Emma uses to wake Mr. Gold from his coma never actually touched him at all; however, the spell still works.

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Cora: Love is weakness. It feels real now, at the start it always does, but it's an illusion. It fades and then you're left with nothing!



When the horse carriage is ambushed, just as Princess Abigail can be heard screaming "Please, help me", the camera pans downward and a horse wrangler wearing a blue baseball cap can be seen in the lower left hand corner, hiding behind one of the horses.



The tie Henry chooses to go with the suit he'll be wearing to go to work for his grandfather is identical to the one Gold himself wore in Season 1 Episode 8 "Desperate Souls."