Horrid Henry

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Revealing mistake: In the opening credits, Beefy Bert has a different hair colour to what he has in the actual episodes. This was not included in Series 3.


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Revealing mistake: Gordon is shown to have a lisp but when he opens his mouth we can see that he has front teeth.

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Suggested correction: Not all lisps are caused by missing front teeth or a gap in the teeth. A dental lisp is caused when the tongue is pushed against the front teeth. Lisps can also be caused by other forms of tongue misplacement.


Horrid Henry's School Fair - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: When Peter bring his bag's into Henry's room, if you look closely at the wall behind Peter it is pink, but in the next shot if you look to the right, the wall is green - the usual colour, it then reverts back to pink again.

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