CHiPs (1977)

2 continuity mistakes in Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: Jon, Ponch and three neighborhood boys are riding skateboards at a local park. They all wear Pro-tec brand helmets. In one close-up of Jon, the "Pro-tec" logo is backwards.

Neighborhood Watch - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: Jon rescues a young girl who was riding in a supermarket cart and almost got hit by a car. With the cart remaining in the street, Jon motioned the driver of the car to back up and go around it. The driver begins to back up and Jon turns to face the girl. In the very next shot, the car is already several feet past the cart.

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The scene is shot in a traffic jam on the freeway. The sky has a gray overcast. All close up shots of the irate female driver were filmed in a studio - the background is flat and is a vivid blue.



Although many realistic freeway numbers and exits mentioned over the 2-way radio are real, they were not used in the show. An unused section of the 210 freeway (close to the 118 freeway) in the San Fernando Valley that wasn't quite open to the public yet, was the location nearly always shown on the show representing whatever location is mentioned. If you see many episodes, you can see the same section of freeway always shown.