Fireball XL5

Space Pirates - S1-E8

Trivia: At the beginning of the episode when Venus is telling the story to Jonathan in his room, look at the bookcase behind him and you can see a "Supercar" book, which was Gerry Anderson's previous show.

Trivia: Producer Gerry Anderson provided the voice of Robert the Robot in this series.

Trivia: The characters of "Fireball XL5" frequently left the protection of their spacecraft and floated around in open space with no helmets or spacesuits whatsoever. Producer Gerry Anderson's lame explanation was that, in the year 2067, spacefarers used "oxygen pills" that not only kept them oxygenated but also protected them from vacuum, lethal radiation and temperature extremes (so they didn't need spacesuits). In reality, the "Fireball XL5" characters didn't wear spacesuits or helmets because costume changes meant literally ripping the previous costumes off the puppets and meticulously sewing on new costumes, which would have exceeded the show's production schedule and budget.

Charles Austin Miller

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