Superman: The Animated Series
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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 The Last Son of Krypton (1) 0
2 The Last Son of Krypton (2) 0
3 The Last Son of Krypton (3) 0
4 Fun and Games 0
5 A Little Piece of Home 0
6 Feeding Time 0
7 The Way of All Flesh 0
8 Stolen Memories 0
9 The Main Man (1) 0
10 The Main Man (2) 0
11 My Girl 0
12 Tools of the Trade 0
13 Two's a Crowd 0
Season 2
Season 2 generally 0
1 Blasts from the Past (1) 0
2 Blasts from the Past (2) 0
3 The Prometheon 0
4 Speed Demons 0

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Mxyzptlk: Your three months are up! And this time you're not gonna cheat me of my fun.
Superman: Oh, it's you again, Mr. Kltpzyxm.
Mxyzptlk: NOT Kltpzyxm! Mxyzptlk! Now,  the first thing I'm gonna do - ah, nuts! [Disappears.].



Season 03 episode 11, "The Demon Reborn": When Lois recovers in her apartment from the knock-out gas and starts swinging, Batman pushes her against her nightstand. But once she calms down and the camera makes a wide shot from the ceiling of the room, Lois and Batman suddenly crouch quite a distance away from the nightstand.



When Kyle is knocked into the airfield by Siniestro, he crashes into a Sabre jet. As he recovers, we read the pilot's name as Col. Hal Jordan. This is the name of the second, Silver Age Green Lantern.