The Suite Life on Deck
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Season 1
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1 The Suite Life Sets Sail 0
2 Parrot Island 0
3 Broke 'N' Yo-Yo 2
4 The Kidney of the Sea 0
5 Showgirls 0
6 International Dateline 0
7 It's All Greek to Me 0
8 Sea Monster Mash 0
9 Flowers and Chocolate 1
10 Boo You 0
11 SeaHarmony 0
12 The Mommy and the Swami 0
13 Maddie on Deck 0
14 When in Rome. . . 0
15 Shipnotized 0
16 Mom and Dad on Deck 1
17 The Wrong Stuff 0
18 Splash and Trash 0

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In "Broke 'N' YoYo", when Cody has just sat down to talk to Zack after collecting loads of towels, in the first shot the towels are on the chair in front of him. In the next shot, when Cody leaves to practice, the towels have vanished. And in the next shot, when Bailey and Zack are talking, the towels are back again.



In the episode "Roomies", at the beginning, when Zack puts the music on for Woody, the music is actually the instrumental from the song he, Marcus and Cody composed for Jordin Sparks.