Men Into Space

Men Into Space (1959)

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Starring: William Lundigan

Genres: Sci-fi

Episode Title Mistakes
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1Moon Probe0
2Moon Landing0
3Building a Space Station0
4Water Tank Rescue0
5Lost Missile0
7Space Trap0
9Edge Of Eternity0
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12Christmas On The Moon0
14Tankers In Space0
15Sea of Stars0
16A Handful Of Hours0
18Caves of the Moon0

Earthbound - S1-E17

Audio problem: McCauley and the engineer take a space walk to repair the ship's engines. We hear their tools clanking against the metal hull as the repair is made, and they pound loudly on the hatch door to reboard the ship when they've finished. None of these sounds would be audible in the vacuum of space.

Jean G
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Narrator: No matter where he travels, one thing will always be the same: man himself. Human nature will not change in the strange outposts of space. There will always be love and hate, courage and fear, and even greed. This is the story of an expedition to a distant world that was brought to the brink of disaster by one man's greed.

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