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Corrected entry: In episode 18, as Henry is lying on the table after the jousting accident, the camera pans up and reveals a fluer de lis on Henry's breastplate. The fluer de lis is/was the symbol of the French King and it is highly unlikely that it would be so prominently displayed on the English king's armor.

Correction: The fleur de lis was part of the heraldry of many British Kings\Queens, including Henry VIII.


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Episode 2 - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When Buckingham is about to be arrested, the camera is looking directly at him. At this angle, his black fur collar is flipped up, covering the neck of his white shirt. When the scene changes to a wide shot behind him, the collar is folded down. (00:35:00 - 00:35:50)


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Duke of Buckingham: I am a direct descendant of Edward II. This is MY crown.

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Matters of State - S2-E7

Question: Does anyone know the name and composer of the piece of music being played when Henry and Anne are dancing (interspersed with their passionate sex scene)? It sounds like Henry asks for A Valta but I'm not sure. (00:19:55 - 00:22:05)

Answer: Henry asks for a volta which was a type of dance as well as the general type of music played for it. It would be like requesting a waltz or tango.

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