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6Mo' Sweater Blues1
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8The Cold War1
9In the Line of Kenan1
10Dial O For Oops0
11Merry Christmas, Kenan0
12Baggin' Saggin' Kel0
13Safe And Sorry0
14Twizzles Fizzles1
Season 2
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1Pair-Rental Guidance1
2Clowning Around0
3The Lottery0

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Continuity mistake: In the episode when it's Kenan's birthday, Kenan and Kel are looking for Kenan's present in Kenan's parents room. As they're searching, Kel throws some of Kenan's parent's clothes all over the place. But then when Kel throws the snowglobe, there is practically no mess, but just a few clothes on the floor - less than before. Some clothes on the bed disappear as well.

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Kenan: Who loves orange soda?
Kel Kimble: K-K-Kel loves orange soda.
Kenan: Is it true? Is it truuuue?
Kel Kimble: Mmmhhmmm! I do, I do, I do-oooh.

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