The 4400

The Starzl Mutation - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: When Top tackles the villain into the water his black jacket has a huge NTSC logo on the back. The show cuts to commercial and when returns the villain and Tom fight in the water however the huge NTSC logo is gone from Tom's jacket. They wrestle under water and the villain floats face down to the surface revealing the back of a black jacket. The show attempts to add tension by tricking the viewer into not knowing if it's Tom or the villain's black jacket. (00:37:05)

Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Richard is attacked in the tent by his buddies since they found a single sheet of photo booth pictures of him kissing a white girl. The main attacker throws the picture on the muddy ground. Richard watches it fall close to the front of his left shoe. However, a camera shot from behind Richard shows the flat sheet of pictures face down and about 6 feet behind Richard on his left side. The following front shot shows Richard leaning a little to his left to pic up the sheet of pictures. There is no way Richard could have leaned over to get it either. He would have needed to stand up and walk 6 feet to get it. Also the photos are now facing upwards and the edge of the sheet has now gained a curved up edge. (00:01:48)

Show generally

Factual error: In the pilot episode, when Lily and Richard are talking in a coffee shop, a TransLink trolley passes by outside. A TransLink is never seen in Seattle, but it is seen in Vancouver, where the show is filmed.

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Dr. Max Hudson: If I start to go crazy can you... take care of me?.. In the back of the head.
Diana Skouris: You won't even see it coming... Dr. Hudson?
Dr. Max Hudson: I just gave you permission to blow my head off. You can call me Max.

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