Blake's 7

Weapon - S2-E3

Plot hole: How very perspicacious of the clone masters to create their duplicate Blakes wearing the exact same outfit that the real Blake happens to have on in this episode, considering they have never seen Blake in person.

00:35:35 - 00:38:35

Jean G

Voice from the Past - S2-E10

Plot hole: Travis, dressed up as the supposedly disabled dissident Shivan, fools Blake and the rebellion leaders far too easily. His head bandages completely cover his mouth (how did he eat?) and his glued-on glass eye is so obviously fake it's laughable. If we noticed, why didn't they?


Jean G

Countdown - S2-E9

Plot hole: Avon drills the last hole through the bomb's tubing and then, with the drill still in place, has to hunt down the dropped rod needed to block the plunger. Tense drama ensues while it's found and inserted, though simply leaving the drill bit in there would have worked just as well.


Jean G

Weapon - S2-E3

Plot hole: The IMIPAK weapon marks its victims and then kills them with a secondary device. But it's inconsistently selective. When Servalan kills the guard with it, Blake and co., marked and standing nearby, are unharmed. But Rashel later warns Travis not to push the button because he and Servalan are marked and would die too. (That the weapon's range is "adjustable" is nowhere mentioned or implied. Servalan doesn't change a thing before she fires it).

00:43:55 - 00:46:30

Jean G

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During Blake's first encounter with Cally, the smudges on the front of his tunic (including a big chalky footprint left by her boot) disappear, reappear and rearrange themselves several times between shots.



It's not every day you can shoot your wife in front of millions of witnesses and get away with it. Klyn, the woman behind the console who sounds the alarm before Avon shoots her, was played by Paul Darrow's real-life wife, Janet Lees Price.