Happy Days

Happy Days (1974)

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Factual error: When Arnold's is seen from the inside, metal pinball machines are seen. Since this show is set in the 50's, the pinball machines should be wooden. Metal pinball machines didn't show up until the 70's.

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Factual error: The show is set in the fifties but Fonzie has a Mustang hubcap on the wall of his garage. The first Mustang came out in 1964.

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Continuity mistake: In Arnold's, throughout the series you can see the men's toilets on the left and the women's toilets on the right. But whenever Richie, Fonzie or any boy goes into the men's toilets, they make a right.

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Suggested correction: Since inside they make a right, and to the right seen from the inside of the restaurant is the ladies room, then it would be assumed that once making a left, there would be a 2nd door entering the actual restroom (2 doors are common in businesses) in which now they make a right. The ladies would be the same except right then left. This would be acceptable theory seeing the layout of the restaurant shown.

This correction makes no sense if you watch the show.

terry s

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