Happy Days

The People vs. the Fonz - S11-E11

Factual error: When the Cunninghams are talking about Fonz's trial, Mr. Cunningham can be seen wearing a digital watch. Digital watches didn't exist in the 50's.

Hot Stuff - S7-E17

Revealing mistake: When Arnold's burns down you can see the set walls wobble a lot.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In Arnold's, throughout the series you can see the men's toilets on the left and the women's toilets on the right. But whenever Richie, Fonzie or any boy goes into the men's toilets, they make a right.

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Trivia: Richie and Joanie had an older brother named Chuck, who was played by two different actors, and who only appeared during the first season of the show, because the character of Chuck was written off the show. This plot plot has since absorbed into popular culture: known as "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome," it refers to a character's (either leading or supporting) unexplained disappearance from a series.

Trivia: In Season 5, in the 3 part special (episodes 89-91) the whole gang heads to Hollywood. It is here that Fonzie jumps over a caged shark on water skiis. Today a TV show is said to have "jumped the shark" when it has passed its peak and fans feel a significant drop in quality. The phrase was popularized by the website www.jumptheshark.com.

Luna Negra

Trivia: There is an excellent pop video that honours Happy Days. It is by the band Weezer. The song is "Just Like Buddy Holly," and features the band performing it in the cafe. Most of the cast also turn up in it by the wonders of camera trickery.

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Ralph Malph: You're such a Potsie.

The Fonz: Heyyy.

The Fonz: Arnold, go and cook up a couple of burgers for us.
Matsuo 'Arnold' Takahashi: But I just cleaned the grill.
The Fonz: Well, good! Then maybe they'll taste better.

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Fonzie's a Thespian - S7-E7

Question: How could the play "The Rainmaker" still be performed after Fonzie scared off the director?

Answer: If all the actors and hands know their roles well enough they could perform the play reasonably well even without a director.


Show generally

Question: In season one, whatever happened to Chuck Cunningham? He was only in a few episodes.

Chosen answer: He was written off the series, never to be mentioned again as if he never existed. As a matter of fact, according to the final episode, he never did exist.


My Favorite Orkan - S5-E22

Question: When this episode first came out, I vaguely remember a scene in the beginning where Ralph runs into Arnold's and yells to the people inside something like, "There's a flying saucer outside!" and no one believes the normal-joking Ralph. Then Richie comes in behind him and yells the same thing, and then the people all scream and flee in a panic, believing Richie. In all years of syndication/reruns, I have not seen this part at all, but remember this part as a kid when this episode was brand new. Did such a part ever exist? (Near the end of the episode, Howard mentions the flying saucer people thought they saw was a weather balloon so I'm figuring so).

Chosen answer: When it was originally broadcast there was a different ending. A new ending was added when the show was rerun to set up the Mork and Mindy series.

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