Jackie Chan Adventures

Queen of the Shadowkhan - S2-E13

Corrected entry: Jade escapes Hak Foo by sliding through a drain hole in a wall. Just as she is able to look up again, we can see her left ankle, where her tattoo should be, blank and free of any image.

Correction: The tattoo is on her right ankle, not her left.

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Corrected entry: It is shown that Demon sorcerers can't touch good magic with feeling extreme pain. In the episode when Jackie fights with the Earth Demon, Jackie is wearing magic armour that was made with good magic, yet somehow all throughout the fight the Earth Demon can hold, grab, or hit Jackie without experiencing any negative effect.

Correction: Only Demon Sorcerers are harmed by touching good magic, not Demons themselves.

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Corrected entry: When Shendu has the first 11 1/2 talismans, he can't transform into his full dragon self yet, even though he has the Rat. But later on when he fights Jackie and looses the Rat, he suddenly reverts back to a statue.


Correction: He needs all twelve talismans to transform into the dragon, but he only needs the Rat to stay that way.

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Jackie: Wait! Bayblonian urn.
Ratso: What's a Babylonian urn?
Finn: Probably more than we do!



At the end the Moose says his name is Marlon, but in the episode "Project A, for Astral" he was called Melvin.



The boy's comment, "Everybody is kung fu fighting" at the ruined school dance, refers to Carl Douglas' song of the same name from 1974, two years before this episode takes place, following the fledging martial arts craze in America. This song has recently (in a slight variation) resurfaced in Kung Fu Panda.