Strained Peas - S3-E17

Trivia: Look at an image on the TV when Grace is flipping through the channels. One of them shows a semi about to hit a car and you can hear the tires squeal; this is the exact same scene from the episode "Say Cheese And Die" when Greg and his family were about to be hit. Apparently Goosebumps was on at that time.

Strained Peas - S3-E17

Trivia: When Grace spells "only me" and Sam is holding the block, it has the Goosebumps "G" on it.

Attack Of The Mutant (2) - S2-E3

Continuity mistake: As Skipper is untying the ropes from The Galloping Gazelle's body, the ropes change position and the one by his neck (dis)appears.

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