The Simple Life

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Continuity mistake: When Paris was on the phone to Janet in the Gas Station (the episode where they work at the gas station and meet "Chops" and co) it cuts to a shot of the fat boy standing next to the same phone and the receiver is put down. It then cuts back to Paris using the phone.

Dan Moat

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Continuity mistake: In the episode where Paris and Nicole are working at an auction house, their clothing changes from scene to scene. Paris starts her day at the farm in a long sleeved shirt and later in the day, both her and Nicole are wearing pink t-shirts. When they go to the feed store, Paris is back in her long sleeved shirt. When they get out of the truck, they are both in their pink shirts again. Obviously, this footage was taken from different days and (poorly) edited to try and make it look like the same day.

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