Love Hina

Love Hina (2000)

Episode list

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Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally1
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1All-Girls Dorm with Outdoor Bath: Hot Spring0
2The Hinata's New Resident Shinobu: Arrow Signs0
3Kendo Girl In Love?: Swordplay0
4The Tokyo U Promise From 15 Years Ago: Diary0
5Wow, a Trip to Kyoto! Exciting0
6Keitaro's First Kiss is with...? Journey0
7First Date, Keitaro's True Feelings: Nowadays0
8Kendo Girl and the Legend of the Dragon Palace: Is This a Dream?0
9The Case of the Missing Hinata Apartment Money: A Mystery0
10Who Is the Beautiful Women Wandering in the Moonlight? Transformation0
11The Idol Shooting for Tokyo U is a Prep School Student: Sing0
12Changing After the Wedding? Swordmaster Motoko's Sunday Best: Feminine0
13The First Kiss Tastes Like Lemon? Marshmallow? Adult0
14Naru's Crush Is Now a Tokyo U Professor: Turning Into Love?0
15I Love You! Romantic Confession Inside a Cave: Tall Tale0
16Monkey Performance at the Seaside Teahouse Hinata: A Kiss?0
17Mesmerized by Naru on the Haunted Island! Something's Fishy!0
18Girls Dressed in Yukata for the Summer Festival: Let's!0

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