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More Power to You - S5-E16

Corrected entry: During the episode Mama's electricity is shut off. Toward the end of the episode the power comes back on and the "blender" comes on and everyone rejoices about the power being restored. The blender should still be running, but it's not. No one turned it off or unplugged it.

Randy DeShong

Correction: Bubba is seen getting up from the table going toward the blender when the power comes back on. The blender is then shut off out of view but it is clear that Bubba shut it off.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the first two seasons, there are 3 bedrooms upstairs: Mama's, Fran's, and Sonja's. But after Buzz and Sonja move out and Aunt Fran dies, Bubba moves in and takes Aunt Fran's room. Vinton and Naomi are still in the basement complaining that they wanted Fran's room. However, originally there was another room upstairs, Sonja's room, that disappeared.

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Thelma 'Mama' Harper: From now on if we have any backstabbing to do were going to do it the way we have always done it face to face.

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