Silver Surfer

Radical Justice - S1-E10

Other mistake: When Gamora is showing the court the footage of the destruction of the planet Vergilia, she says the images were taken from one of the planet's moons. However, much of the footage shown is from the point of view of the planet surface, which is not a view that could be achieved from a moon.

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Innervisions - S1-E7

Other mistake: When Thanos is saying "What is that, beloved? You would prefer a closer look at the civilization we are about to obliterate? Why, of course", he is speaking with an Irish accent, which is not how his voice sounds normally.

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The Planet of Dr. Moreau - S1-E4

Other mistake: When the mountain starts to collapse, the Silver Surfer and the enslaved trolls begin falling to the ground below at a rate comparable to what the falling rate on Earth would be. The Surfer is able to catch himself on a ledge and absorb his restraining collar into himself, granting him control over his powers, which he uses to prevent the trolls from falling to their deaths. With the amount of time the Surfer spent struggling to overcome his restraining collar, the trolls would have already fallen to the ground.

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The Silver Surfer: To me, my board.

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Answer: From Wikipedia: Eight episodes were written for the second season before production was shut down. According to series creator Larry Brody, the cancellation was the result of a legal dispute between Marvel and Saban Entertainment.

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