Another Life

Another Life (2019)

1 audio problem in Through the Valley of Shadows

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Through the Valley of Shadows - S1-E2

Audio problem: After they discover the rogue planet that they can mine oxygen from, Niko tells Javier and Bernie to inspect the outside of the ship for damage. When the camera cuts to them, you can hear Javier respond in full with a sentence as the camera is focused on both of them, however their mouths aren't moving at all.

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Across the Universe - S1-E1

Deliberate mistake: In the restaurant after their daughter finishes talking to Niko, Erik turns the tablet device around and sets it on the table to talk to Niko. From his perspective, he is looking down at the screen. But in the other shots from Niko's perspective, where he is a life sized hologram, his figure is shown looking up and meeting her eyes. But from her perspective it should look like he's looking down at the table.

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