Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon (2017)

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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 2
2 Rockets, Communists, and the Dewey Decimal System 1
3 Poker, Faith and Eggs 3
4 A Therapist, a Comic Book, and a Breakfast Sausage 0
5 A Solar Calculator, a Game Ball, and a Cheerleader's Bosom 0
6 A Patch, a Modem, and a Zantac 1
7 A Brisket, Voodoo, and Cannonball Run 0
8 Cape Canaveral, Schrödinger's Cat, and Cyndi Lauper's Hair 0
9 Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia 0
10 An Eagle Feather, a String Bean, and an Eskimo 0
11 Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers 0
12 A Computer, a Plastic Pony, and a Case of Beer 1
13 A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek 1
14 Potato Salad, a Broomstick, and Dad's Whiskey 0
15 Dolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman 0
16 Killer Asteroids, Oklahoma, and a Frizzy Hair Machine 0
17 Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-Hoo 2
18 A Mother, a Child, and a Blue Man's Backside 0

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Georgie: Admit it, he's adopted.
Sheldon: How can I be adopted when I have a twin sister? Think, monkey, think.
Missy: I wish I was adopted.
Mary: That can still be arranged.



As Young Sheldon is a prequel series to Big Bang Theory, this episode is at odds with episode 2-13 of Big Bang Theory, "The Friendship Algorithm," in which Sheldon is unfamiliar with books like "How to Make Friends and Influence People," which he reads in this episode of Young Sheldon, produced nine years later but taking place twenty years earlier.



Zoe Perry, who plays Sheldon's mother Mary, is the daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who plays Mary on The Big Bang Theory.