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Question: Do the actors sitting at the table outside of MSec office along with Matt, Daisey, Blake and Jay, ever say anything? What's their purpose?

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Question: How is it possible that the foreign ministers of Russia and China who live and work in Moscow and Beijing are always in Washington to meet with Secretary McCord?

Answer: Most likely, in real life, this would not happen. However, for the purposes of the show, the ministers are shown as being frequently in D.C. This would be classified as a "suspension of disbelief." It is a plot device where the audience knows something is untrue or realistic, but are willing to accept the premise in order for the story to be told.


Invasive Species - S2-E13

Character mistake: When Henry is speaking to the detective involved in investigating his father's death, the detective says that based upon evidence found at the house he requested a toxicology screen, which showed that his father died of a barbiturate overdose. He continues to explain that he found an empty bottle of hydrocodone in the bathroom trash can. Hydrocodone is an opiate, not a barbiturate. (00:07:35)

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Family Separation: Part 2 - S5-E11

Trivia: What political party viewpoint does President Dalton associate with on the show? Even though there is political discourse on the show, Madam Secretary has done an amazing job of not naming political parties. However, a revealing political fact occurred when President Dalton is in a heated video teleconference with the Governor of Arizona and behind the governor is a framed picture of President Reagan. Therefore, the show finally makes a reference to a political party - the governor identifies with the Republican Party and President Dalton is not a Republican. (00:17:00)


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